Hi, I'm Alex.

I am a Veterinarian, Entrepreneur
and Mother with a love for health and fitness.

My Love for Animals

I have made my passion for helping animals in need into a career as an emergency vet. My work involves treating the sickest of pets and wildlife at the Animal Emergency Service in Australia and for me every day at the hospital is different. Each patient that arrives at the door is in urgent need of medical care and being able to make a life-saving difference for animals and their families is the most rewarding experience imaginable.

My dream is to be able to provide emergency care for pets when they need it.. regardless of the day or night.

Emergency Veterinarian

My interest in emergency and critical care as a field of veterinary medicine was sparked after I took a position with an emergency hospital in the UK. After returning to Australia, I was inspired by the vision of Animal Emergency Service to provide world class facilities and medical care for pets at all hours of the day or night. Today I am one of the directors and have an incredible opportunity to work in a facility which practices the highest standard of patient care leading a dedicated and caring team of veterinarians.

On Health and Fitness

Fitness and living a healthy life is a big part of who I am and helps me focus on myself and rebalance the other more demanding aspects of my life so I can be there for my patients when they need me the most.

First Call for Dogs

I have also written First Call for Dogs – a book with all the knowledge any responsible dog owner needs to have on hand in an emergency. You can purchase a copy by clicking the button below.