I am dedicated to advancing the area of emergency and critical care in veterinary medicine so that sick and injured animals can have the care they need at any time of day or night.


Hi, I am Alex.

I have a passion for animals and my work involves treating of the sickest of sick dogs and cats in my part of Australia - Queensland. For me every day at the hospital is different but one thing I know is that each animal that walks through the door is in urgent need of help and medical care and being able to make that difference is the most rewarding experience imaginable.

I made my passion my career - for the love of animals.

I have always been surrounded by animals and much of my childhood was spent riding horses, milking the family cow and lambing sheep which became an education in itself. It was no wonder that my sister and I both decided to pursue veterinary careers when we left school. My interest in emergency and critical care as a field of veterinary medicine was sparked after I took a position with an emergency centre in the UK. When I returned to Australia…. I was inspired by the vision of the founders of the Animal Emergency Service and joined them in 2007. These days I am one of the directors and is an incredible opportunity to work in a hospital which practices the highest standard of patient care allowing me the privilege to lead a dedicated and professional team of vets.

At the Animal Emergency Service we share a dream of providing the highest standard of medical treatment for all pets and for that dream we stay up all night.

My 8 year old daughter Tori has picked up my love of animals and is crazy about cats in particular. She is a capable little horse rider and loves taking her little pony over the jumps. In my spare time I am drawn to anything that is active and challenging including martial arts and ultra marathon racing. Fitness is a big part of who I am and helps me focus on myself for a while and rebalance the other more demanding aspects of my life. I discovered High Intensity Interval Training a couple of years ago and use that as the basis of my daily fitness routine.

"Animals show us what’s missing in our lives, and how to love ourselves more completely and unconditionally. They connect us back to who we are and to the purpose of why we’re here- Trisha McCagh"