whats interesting about dogs and cats

What’s interesting about cats

Cats land on their feet - always

A strong righting reflex has helped some cats survive fall from over 32 storeys and survive. More

Cats are auditive

Cats can pick up on your tone of voice, so sweet-talking to your cat has more of an impact than you think. More

Cats like warmth

On average cats sleep for almost 70% of their lives which means a 9yo cat has only been awake for 3 years of its life. More

Cats need Fat

It is important to include fat in your cat's diet because they're unable to make the nutrient in their bodies on their own. More

What’s interesting about dogs

Dogs are good listeners

Dogs have two times the amount of muscles in their ears than humans and their sense of hearing can reach four times the distance of humans. More

Seeing the world through their nose

To differentiate between their different types of food, dogs depend more on their sense of smell than their sense of taste. Humans have five times the amount of taste buds than dogs. More

Growing up quickly

At age one, dogs have the same level of physical development that humans have at age 15.More

Little smarties

A typical dog has the same brain aptitude level as a toddler. Dogs can comprehend about 250 words and count up to 5. More